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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mystery Dinner Theatre

In the recent past, I have done a little professional acting (including the Finger Eleven video "One Thing" and a commercial for Blue Cross of Tennessee), but the only acting I do these days is in mystery dinner theatre performances.

Mystery Dinner Theatre involves scripted scenes, a tonne of audience interaction with ad lib and improv work, and really being/living the role the entire time.

Upcoming roles and shows:
  • An over-the-hill circus strongman in "Circus Murder" at The Marienbad Restaurant in London, Ontario. Friday, October 14th. If possible, try to imagine a comic version of Anthony Quinn's Zampano in La Strada.
  • An unusual ballet dancer in "Murder is a Wake" at The Forest Golf and Country Club in Forest, Ontario. Saturday, October 15th.
  • Swami, a fortune-teller, in "Circus Murder" at the weekend mystery at The Forest Golf and Country Club. October 28 - 30th.

These shows are all done with a group called "Mystery Unlimited". We also license their scripts now and then to do shows in the Clinton, Ontario, area through the Clinton Community Players.

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