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Monday, October 10, 2005

Feeling Tapped Out?
Dig Down Again

Many people dug deep to donate for tsunami relief. Many people dug deeper to donate more for hurricane relief for the US gulf coast.

But the recent hurricanes (especially Stan) and the earthquake in Pakistan et al. have created additional reasons to dig deep.

Let the kids know that they'll be receiving only 6 gifts for Christmas instead of the usual 10. Whatever you can do, it is important that private aid not dry up just because we are tired of giving for relief as a result of all these disasters.

I have one important request for your giving. Please do not give to the International Red Cross, which seems to have anti-semitic and anti-Western biases. If you live in Canada, the Canadian Red Cross is a worthy charity, and there are many others.

And let me once again recommend the Posner and Becker pieces on economics and catastrophic risk.
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