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Sunday, October 09, 2005

SABEEL: A Dangerous Propaganda Organization

I don't mind propaganda very much, in part because the exchange of ideas and arguments helps us learn more. And allowing propaganda certainly beats an alternative of no freedom of speech.

But when the propaganda spreads misinformation and fabrication, I become very concerned, and that seems to be what is happening with SABEEL. Here is short excerpt from someone who attended their meeting in Chicago this weekend:

In three short hours we have already heard about how Israel commits human rights abuses every hour, ethnically cleanses Palestinians, that the time for a two state solution has passed, and that it is no longer possible. We have heard about how Israel confiscates land to build the “wall” and how the wall is about separation, not peace.

George Rishmawi actually told this group that Israel uses special gas that hurts the muscles of Palestinians. When asked the name of the gas, he skirted the issue by saying that the canisters for the gas are always quickly collected by the IDF so that nobody will know what kind of gas is being used.

... Of great concern is the fact that this is the FIRST OF FOUR conferences planned by Sabeel for the month of October. There will be conferences in Toronto, Denver and Cedar Rapids. And, if all of them resemble this one, there will surely be a poisonous ripple affect from these disingenuous presentations. For more information about Sabeel: go to
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