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Monday, October 10, 2005

Was "The Sound of Music" the Best Movie Ever Made?

This is a question often discussed by members of the Philistine Liberation Organization. Indeed, this question is slated to be the lead topic for the second morning session of the organization's upcoming conference.

It is quite likely that Rondi Adamson will be submitting a paper for presentation at the conference. Why? Because on Saturday, October 8th, she wrote in the Ottawa Citizen [$]:

My fondness for The Sound of Music guarantees me lifelong membership in the Philistine Liberation Organization. The latter is a group a friend of mine founded, for people 'who may not know much, but who know what they like.'
She also wrote, challenging the views of her brother [Alan Adamson, my co-blogger at Curling],
My oldest brother once announced, contemptuously, that he could never tolerate a movie where people were shown to be able to hike out of Austria and into Switzerland in only a day. I pointed out to him that no such thing takes place in The Sound of Music. Yes, the von Trapps are shown hiking through Alps at the end of the story, but nowhere is there a caption saying '24 Hours Later.' Nor is there a sign posted in the mountains, as the family trudges onward in their lederhosen and feathered caps, with 'Wilkommen in Switzerland' written on it.
Rondi has her own blog, Begin Each Day As If It Were On Purpose. Students: please note correct use of the plural form of "to be" in the subjunctive mood. Her blog is also known as "Wonkitties".

To learn more about Rondi Adamson and her varied interests and talents, and to read more of her work, see her website. I try to check her work every day.
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