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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Exercise and Stay Fit....or....
perhaps there is another option?

Ms. Eclectic and I pretend to work out now and then at a small health club in our town. We also play retirement squash there*.

One of the aerobic work-out machines tells me that for cardio work, I need to keep my pulse up at around 130 beats per minute.

I can remember back when I was young that a can of Jolt Cola and a blue movie were enough to get my pulse into that range.

Unfortunately, when I was younger, I needed a much higher pulse rate for an aerobic work-out. And now that I'm older, Jolt and porn just don't do it any more.

I guess there's no getting away from having to exercise.


*Retirement squash: We try to hit the ball to each other, but we're such inept athletes, we end up running all over the court, just chasing the ball.
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