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Saturday, October 08, 2005

"I'm Happy I Found Economics"

A former student writes on his blog:

At 24, I’ve just graduated from University with a magnificent 3 year degree in Economics. Only took me 5 years to obtain it and without honors to boot. My education up to this point in my life has been one disappointment after another. Not a disappointment to myself, since I know my ridiculously unmotivated ways, but to my friends and family who feel that I should have no troubles getting through school.
... Either way, I’m pretty happy that I found economics, and despite underachieving the whole way, I did learn a lot. I feel that it truly refined my thought process about almost everything in life. Despite the inherent uselessness of a 3 year social science degree as far as finding a job related to your “field” goes, I’m happy that this useless degree has at least shaped my thought process to be much more critical, analytical and rational and no matter what, will always affect every decision I make.
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