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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Flood Aid

There are many charities to which you can give. If you are in Canada, the Canadian Red Cross has a website that makes donating very easy, and they e-mail you a pdf receipt right away. As I posted two days ago, specify "Hurrican Relief 2005".

For other options, should you wish to donate, check out the links provided by Instapundit.

This natural disaster is going to have a massive impact on the lives of millions.

Update: Charles at Little Green Footballs says,

I’ve been told that we should not attempt to contribute physical goods, like blankets, food, etc. It’s much better to donate cash, and let aid agencies spend it on the supplies that people need most.

And another note: some readers have expressed anger with the Red Cross. But please remember—there is no connection between the International Committee of the Red Cross (a Europe-based organization with an anti-American, anti-Israel agenda) and the
American Red Cross, who support the United States whole-heartedly, and have even withheld dues from the ICRC, out of disgust at their agenda. Don’t target the wrong group, just because they have a similar name.
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