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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Academic Intifada

An excellent and unnerving assessment of rising anti-Semitism among western universities appears in Commentary, written by Efraim Karsh. The article particularly addresses the blatant bigotry in the middle east studies programme at Columbia University, but it extends to broad issues as well. Here is his conclusion, but the entire piece deserves attention.

Even if the Columbia leadership were to do the decent thing, by acknowledging the ongoing bigotry of its professors and by disciplining the offenders, such action would only address the symptoms and not the causes of the pervasive anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias in the field of modern Middle East studies. Not only is the academic intifada against the Jewish state thriving, the reigning terms of discussion it has introduced for understanding Middle Eastern reality have become perfectly normal, perfectly conventional, perfectly accepted in academic discourse.

[h/t to MA for the pointer]
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