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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where are the donation buttons?

Remember how everyone around the world pledged and donated so much money to help the tsunami victims last December and January? I've searched a bit and haven't found an equal outpouring of aid from outside the US for the victims of Katrina. Even if the US is, on average, wealthy, that's no reason to be uncaring about the victims. They are facing massive losses and disruptions over the next months.

At the very least, Amazon and Walmart could set up web-site donation buttons as they did for the tsunami victims.

This has been a serious tragedy. If you want to do something,
check this site.

Update: In Canada, you can donate to the Canadian Red Cross and specify "2005 hurricane relief".

The Economist thinks it is serious enough that it might send the U.S. and global economies into recession [thanks to MA for the pointer]:

Hurricane Katrina is already known to have killed dozens along the Gulf of Mexico coast, with the death toll expected to rise as rescuers reach more affected areas. Besides its devastating cost in lives, Katrina could push the American economy—maybe even the world economy—into recession

Update again: The USA Today has lots of photos.
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