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Monday, April 25, 2005

A Double Whammy

Two items of bad news:

1. Demonstrations and expected riots against globalization, embodied in the minds of protesters as the G8, and

2. The closing of a McDonald's in the expected demonstration area.

It's enough to make a free-trade proponent quarter-pounder lover cry. Or scream about the lack of law and order.

FAST-FOOD giant McDonald’s is planning to close two of its city centre branches during this summer’s G8 protests.

Restaurant bosses fear the company’s outlets on Princes Street and South St Andrew Street will be prime targets for hundreds of anti-capitalist protesters expected to descend on the city.

A two-day closure would cost McDonald’s more than £50,000 in takings, but it is so concerned about the welfare of employees and customers that it is set to take the unprecedented step.

The burger chain has been hit by angry protests at all recent G8 summits, and branches have been trashed while customers and staff were still inside.

Now McDonald’s chiefs admit they are drawing up special security measures to prevent activists targeting their two biggest Edinburgh restaurants on the first weekend in July.

I hope they are successful.
[h/t to BF for the link]
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