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Friday, April 22, 2005

Mystery Weekend

I have done a little semi-professional acting over the past five or so years , most recently concentrating on mystery dinner theatres. These are shows that involve a number of short, scripted scenes intermingled with dinner and copious improv work and audience interaction; then someone is murdered, and the audience tries to solve the crime. The shows are loads of fun, and the pay almost covers my gas expenses. Here is a description of the acting group I usually work with.

Motto: We'll go anywhere to kill someone for you.

This weekend I will be doing my first Mystery Weekend. It is similar to the mystery dinner theatres, except there are more scenes, more characters, and the show stretches from Friday evening until Sunday noon at a rural golf and country club.

I may not have an internet connection while I'm there, but even if I do, "Blogging may be light" as a result of my non-stop involvement in the show.

My role: Jean Fortescu, marine biologist who develops intimate relationships with dolphins.
This photo comes into play at one point during the show.

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