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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Netskool provides a fascinating market, with an interesting type of auction at work.

Students set a problem, a date by which they need a solution, and a price they are willing to pay. Gee, it sounds like William Shatner and Price-Line. Here is a link to their homepage. Note this:

We will look over the problem set and determine if we can help you. If an [sic] tutor is willing to assist you, payment instructions will be included in the e-mail.
Let's hope they don't tutor in English.

I wonder if the prices offered by students rise as the due date for an assignment draws near and desperation sets in.

I wonder how the students would react if they submitted a[n] request, and it was answered by their instructor. I know how I would react as an instructor if I were moonlighting this way and came across a request for help from one of my students!

I love the spelling in the company name, Netskool. I often refer to our university's Ivey School of Business as "the bizskool".
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