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Friday, April 22, 2005

The New Food Triangle

Nope, it is not a pyramid, and it doesn't include 12 or 22 or 77 food categories. This one is from Kip Esquire at A Stitch in Time:

Physicists have “superstring theory.” I guess this [the latest food pyramid] is “super-size theory.” The fact that you need a multi-page website to figure any of it out would suggest as much.But what difference does that make? The Politics of the Warm Fuzzy Feeling have been placated. The politicians and the bureaucrats “did something.” The fact that it’s something bizarre at best and moronic at worst is entirely irrelevant. Here’s my pyramid:

eat less, exercise more, avoid the garbage

Doesn’t look like a pyramid? Too bad — like Superstring Theory, it, um, works.

Works for me.... when I follow it.
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