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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Are the French Riots Just Another Step in Some Process?

Quite possibly they are. The important question is, "What is the process of which they are just another step?"

If it is a process resulting from labour restrictions and discrimination, then policies that promote economic freedom will help to reduce the nature and severity of the problems.

If it is a process of islamification, religious freedom must be both fiercely defended and severely restrained. This apparent contradiction comes from our Judeo-Christian-common-law background which says people must be free to practice their religion, but they may not impose it on others. And when the Judeo-Christian-common-law tradition clashes with Sharia Law and Islamic imperialsim, I will support those gubmnts which support the Judeo-Christian-common-law tradition.

The clash between the two has been underway for quite some time, as Melanie Phillips points out, quoting an article by Olivier Guitta back in 2003:

This extremist indoctrination also extends to French schools, where non-Muslim teachers are subject to daily insults and racist remarks.

... during a high school History lesson regarding the Crusades, a Muslim student yelled: 'Anyway, the Arabs are going to kill the Christians and the Jews.' The teacher then asked him, 'When?' and the child replied, 'I do not know. It was not mentioned on the imam’s tape.'

Many Muslim defendants refuse to be tried by Jewish judges, and some municipal pools have different hours for women and men to accommodate the Muslim population. A number of supermarkets carrying non-Halaal products (food not permitted by the Koran), have been vandalized by Muslims and then surrendered to this violent blackmail by taking the products off their shelves. This is what France has become.

Islamists have the clear goal of transforming France into the first Islamist regime of the West. Their master plan is clearly formulated and being implemented every day.
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