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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The End of "Always Low Prices"

Kevin Brancato has announced that his blog, Always Low Prices, will cease operations by the end of this calendar year. The blog, along with (mostly) Kevin's insightful writings, has been a terrific addition to the blogosphere. That Kevin kept current on so many different Wal-Mart issues was a miracle. And his writing about Wal-Mart was always clear and penetrating.

I posted a few things on that blog from time-to-time, and I spoke with Kevin on the telephone several times, in addition to our numerous e-mail exchanges over the past year or so. He has boundless energy, and so I am certain his continued participation at Truck and Barter will be valued. But a good, market-oriented, empirical, and long-run approach to Wal-Mart questions will be much harder to find now that he has decided to give up the ALP blog.

However, everything already posted at the "Always Low Prices" blog will kept in the archives at Truck and Barter.
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