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Sunday, September 25, 2005

More Sudoku:
Obtain Daily Puzzles from the Internet

I posted earlier about how we have become hooked on Sudoku, puzzles involving logic and (usually) numbers. After I wrote that posting, we ordered several more books of Sudoku puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty.

We have also discovered several sources of daily puzzles on the internet. Here are three that we look at nearly every day.
  1. Daily Sudoku from vnunet. After following this link, click on "play". The puzzles at this site seem consistently to be in the moderate range of difficulty. We usually print them out, but this site facilitates playing on line with several nice features involving colours and allowing you to type possible entries in the upper part of each square.

  2. The Daily Sudoku. This site tends to have easier puzzles early in the week, but much more difficult puzzles near the end of the week. It also has a nice "draw" feature for entering your own puzzle (from a book, perhaps) which then can provide hints or solutions if the puzzle isn't too difficult to solve with its algorithm. If you print any of these puzzles, it is usually easier to do them if you print them in a larger size than the default, which is medium.

  3. The Daily Mail has daily Sudokus of varying difficulty. Recently, they have also had some "ultimate" Sudoku, which look so challenging I haven't tried them [the opportunity costs of spending time on them are too high for me]. They also have a good-sized archive of printable puzzles of varying levels of difficulty. Below is one from their archives classified as moderate. [For those who want to learn more about the background of Sudoku, click here; and for hints on how to do the puzzles, click here].

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