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Saturday, September 24, 2005

This Company Hopes to Raise $1 Billion

Paul Kedrosky draws our attention to the Canadian Company, Apollo Publications.
Apollo Publication Corporation has her mission to unify the world Language, History and Culture, to form all documents of Law on IOE(The Imperial Of the Earth), to print all Specifications and Standards on IOE, to issue the new and only Notes of Currency and Stamp on IOE, to publish News about founding of IOE, to consolidate Globe School Textbooks, to Web World Wide Customers Online purchasing, schooling, banking and charting, etc.

Welcome you to join our team, to support our school texbook, to do what ever you can help no matter big or small. Let's together to build better world on the Earth.

IOE is not the dream but the reality. Believe the God Luo is with you.
What interested Kedrosky was that this corporation has filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to raise $1 billion.

But the best part of the Apollo release is its list of board members and advisors. They come as more than a little of a surprise:


Simon Victor (Honorable Chairman of Director Board Committee)
George Herbert Bush Sr. (Honorable Chairman of Director Board Committee)
Rutang Luo (Honorable Chairman of Director Board Committee)
Xiaobo Lucy Luo (Chair and CEO, Chief Executive Officer/First Director)
George Walker Bush Sr. (Chair and President/Second Director)
Paul Martin (CFO, Chief Financial Officer)
Lishan Yang (COO, Chief Operating Officer/Third Director)
William Snow (Treasurer/USA)
Rongji Zhu(Treasurer/PRC)
John Paul Manley (Treasurer/Canada)
Joseph Liberman (CLO, Chief Legal Officer)
Jie Jenny Luo (CIO, Chief Information Officer)

James Baker (Independent Director)
Jimmy Carter (Independent Director)
Jean Chretien (Independent Director)
Paul Oneil (Independent Director)
Al Greenspan (Independent Director)

Typos and former Canadian prime ministers aside, this is a fairly stellar list. Trouble is, sadly, none of those people mentioned are actually doing anything for the company, which, as you might imagine, is irritating the SEC to no end.
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