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Friday, September 23, 2005

The West's Last Chance?

Steve Muscatello at has a review of the book The West's Last Chance. Read the review, even if you don't buy the book. Here is one quote from the book:
“The day is upon us when the West will have to decide which it values more: granting … rights and tolerance to those who wish to destroy us, or the survival of Western civilization.”
Very powerful and all too true.
Here is another excerpt that appears in the review:
If Western civilization has kept women down with its sexism, how does it compare with Islamic civilization? If Western civilization has asserted cultural imperialism on the Third World, how does it compare with Islamic influence in the Third World ? If we still discriminate against homosexuals, how does it compare with how the Islamic world treats homosexuals? If the West has been corrupted by materialism, how does it compare with the material standards of Islamic societies? It all comes down to this: If the choice is a flawed Western civilization or an impending fundamentalist Islamist civilization, which one do you want to live in?
Muscatello concludes:
The choice is stark. Either all of this talk of terrorism and the demise of Western civilization is complete and utter hyperbole – or it is the most important challenge the world has faced since World War II, one that will require unprecedented commitment and sacrifice for the defense of freedom.

See this review. [h/t to BenS]
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