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Friday, September 02, 2005

More on Katrina

I am still feeling terribly overwhelmed by the disaster. I can't imagine losing my house and my job and having to start over again. And that's what would have happened had I evacuated early with my wife, our pets, and a few treasures. If I had waited, I'd have lost even the treasures and the pets, maybe been separated from my wife, maybe had to put up with horrible and frightening conditions, including dehydration and hunger and filth and violence, I have no idea how I would have coped (though I'm certain that I would have.).

Part of the story now must shift to all the places that are taking in the refugees. Houston is only one such place, but I strongly recommend Houston's Clear Thinkers for updates and links about what is happening in Houston.

Be sure to check out where Anne Linehan and Kevin Whited are doing an excellent job of chronicling the local resources in support of Houston's extraordinary Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Anne and Kevin have several posts relating to the relief effort, and they will be adding additional ones over the next several days. Check out their site periodically for updates. A great organization job by two of Houston's best bloggers.

Update: Local blog The Lone Star Times is liveblogging from the Astrodome, providing a fascinating resource for keeping up with the unfolding developments within the largest refugee camp to be established on U.S. soil in many, many years. The Chronicle has also started up the Domeblog that is providing periodic updates from the Astrodome.

But shelters and food and clothing and schools and... and... must be growing issues for many communities that have opened their hearts and doors and community centres for the refugees.

The blog push for donating seems to be over, but once again let me urge you to donate for the relief effort.
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