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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We're Number 1422!!!

I'm a ranker from way back.*

Over two decades ago, Stan Liebowitz and I published several articles, including a path-breaker in the Journal of Economic Literature, on ranking journals and economics departments. I know that most rankings are pretty closely correlated with each other, regardless of the criteria used, but there can be some wide swings as the criteria change.

Back in April, I posted a piece noting that The Eclectic Econoclast ranked 74th by some criterion [that same source recently ranked this blog at 66th].

Then on July 25th, Craig Newmark posted a set of rankings of economics blogs. Depending on the criteria used, The Eclectic Econoclast ranked anywhere from 16th to 33rd. In other words, this blog qualified as one of the fifty that would or could claim it is in the top twenty.

But that was among economics blogs.

Here is a ranking from "Truth Laid Bare" to help put things into a somewhat different and more sobering perspective: by average daily unique visits, The Eclectic Econoclast recently ranked #1422 among all blogs. Actually, that ranking by hit counts is not nearly so low as this blog's ranking by "unique links", where it ranked #4434 the last time I looked.

*"ranker" in the sense of ordinalizing things, not in the Gabe Kaplan sense of hurling insults.
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