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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where Do Islamist Journalism Students Go?
to NPR, of course!

Solomonia has this piece about a former journalism student at the University of Illinois who published unsubstantiated rumours, fabricated quotations, and outright lies about Israel. Her work was shabby at best and scurrilous by just about any standard.

She is now working for an NPR affiliate.

Surprise, Surprise.

Next thing you know, she'll get an offer from the BBC.

Thanks to MA who pointed me to this piece at Little Green Footballs:

We all know that National Public Radio is incredibly biased toward the Palestinian side of the Arab-Israeli conflict, but this is a real jaw-dropper; their affiliate WILL has now hired Mariam Sobh, a member of the radical Islamic front group known as the Muslim Student Association who, while working at the University of Illinois’ Daily Illini, was caught recycling fabricated quotes and attributing them to Ariel Sharon.
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