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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Stop the Presses!
Trono City Councilor Urges Efficient Profiling of Young Black Males

When most gunshot violence is perpetrated by young black males, and when most victims are blacks, it is reasonable to expect that representatives of black groups and neighbourhoods would want politicians to advocate that young black males be targeted for extra attention by the police. That is exactly what has happened in Toronto:

Toronto — A Toronto city councillor is floating a controversial idea on curbing gun violence in the city.

Michael Thompson says police should be allowed to “target” young black men at random as part of a crackdown on guns.

Mr. Thompson, who is black, said a large percentage of the guns being used and a large number of people being killed are in the black community, so there is a need to target people in the community.

He said he is not calling for police to pull people over just because they are black but because gun violence is affecting the black community.
Sadly, many are concerned that this efficient use of Trono's police force may be perceived as racist and oppose it. Apparently, they would rather there be less appearance of racism and more gunshot violence involving blacks.

Deputy police chief Keith Forde, who is also black, says chief Bill Blair would “never, ever agree to that.”
The mayor also opposes the suggestion. Too bad. And of course CAIR [the Council on American-Islamic Relations] has piled on with a press release on August 16th demanding an apology from Michael Thompson. Heaven forbid that any sensible profiling be implemented.
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