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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Live-Blogging My Son's Wedding Reception

My son and his bride will be using my laptop to show a slideshow she put together of photos of each of them from childhood until now. I figure, "What the hey? My laptop on location with wi-fi? Why don't I just live-blog the reception? You know, tell you about how inappropriate the toast is from the best man? Whine to you about how the truly disgusting music is too loud? Tell you about how I got drunk and fell onto the wedding cake? Tell about some of the missable exchanges between me and my ex and her family? Nah.

I think everyone there would be pretty upset if I told stories on the blog about how the men in the wedding party stayed out too late the night before the wedding, deciding they would drink beer at a particular place until it looked good to them. So I won't. My expectation is that the incremental costs of doing any of these things would outweigh the incremental benefits, and so I'll pass.
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