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Monday, August 22, 2005

Frightening that He Was Elected

It is disappointing, even frightening, that this man was elected Mayor of London. [h/t to MA]

When asked,

Do you see a difference between suicide attacks by Palestinian fundamentalists against buses and civilian targets in Israel and the same kind of attacks in London?
He answered:

"I am against all attacks upon civilians everywhere. It is as much a crime for an Israeli soldier to use a rifle or a missile to kill or maim a child as it is for a suicide bomber to do so."
There was no reason for him to say this. And it is devious and false. The two are very different.

He also said,

"I welcome you as an honored guest."

-- Addressing Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi at a London conference, July 7, 2004. With Livingstone present, Qaradawi went on to explain that Palestinian suicide bombings are permitted "within the rules of Islam."
The intensity of this man's anti-semitism is appalling. You can read much more here.

Update: For even more on this topic, read this, which MA just sent to me.
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