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Thursday, August 11, 2005

For My Students:
Links for required textbooks

Some time ago, I proposed to our economics department that we establish and Chapters/Indigo affiliate accounts to make it possible for students to order their texts and study guides on-line, with the commissions from the sales going to the department; I even offered to co-ordinate the programme. My proposal was declined, lamenting "the unfortunate trend of commercialization within the university."

So if students in my courses would like to order their textbooks for the fall term from or from Chapters/Indigo, either to get them now, before coming to campus in the fall, or possibly at a discount, here are the links:

Economics 020 (Introductory Economics):
The Economics Way of Thinking by Paul Heyne and John Palmer
Click here to order it from Chapters, or click below to order it from

There is also a Canadian study guide required, but it is not available from either or from Chapters.
Economics 260 (Honours Intermediate Micro):
I realize this text is pricey, but it's for two terms.
Microeconomics by Besanko and Braeutigam, Second Edition!! plus the Study Guide

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