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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"If That's Faith, Then I Guess I've Found Religion"

Kip Esquire at A Stitch in Haste takes on the supporters of the Intelligent Design historical descriptions of human existence.

There is not a single piece of evidence, not one, that disproves the theory of evolution. There is not a single piece of evidence, not one, that supports the "theory" of intelligent design (which is not really a scientific theory at all).
He concludes,

Those of us who accept evolution as the obvious explanation of the history of life on earth do so not on "faith" or "deference to authority." The only "faith" we have is in the evidence of our senses and the capacity of our rational faculty to figure it out.

... If that's "faith," then I guess I've found religion.
There's much more. His arguments are thorough and worth reading.

Well, what if our "universe" is just a super-brane in an 11-dimensional universe, as seems to be implied by super-string theory?
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