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Friday, June 17, 2005

Too Much Big Gubmnt Interventionist Nonsense

At this morning's UWO graduation ceremony, the university honoured Marc Lalonde, former politician, cabinet minister, etc., when the Liberals were in their prime under Pearson and Trudeau. It was the standard talk: work for the common good, and we need businesses to have better ethics, etc. He even made a negative remark about Milton Friedman.

Enough, already!

Please! Send me your suggestions for people I can nominate to address future convocations, people who advocate market solutions instead gubmnt intervention! Several years ago, I nominated Michael Walker, of the Fraser Institute, and he did receive an honourary degree shortly thereafter. But we need more. Here are some of the people I am considering nominating, in no special order:
  • Ted Rogers
  • Paul Godfrey
  • Preston Manning
  • Tom Courchene
  • Bill James (okay, he's a baseball guy, but he'd be a good candidate, too)

I'm sure there are many others who should also be considered. Please let me know so I can nominate them and I won't have to sit through so many bleeding-heart liberal interventionist elitist diatribes next year!

Digression: At one point, I had to control myself to keep from bursting into laughter when Lalonde said,

....having lived for many years in both the public and the private sectors, I have no hesitation in saying that our politicians as a whole compare very well with our society as a whole...

I guess he doesn't think very highly of "our society as a whole."

I know, it's out of context. But I prefer it this way.

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