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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Morgentaler Cites Freakonomics
on Abortion and the Crime Rate

In his graduation address today at The University of Western Ontario, pioneer abortionist Henry Morgentaler cited (without attribution) the theory put forward by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner that abortion has reduced the incidence of violent crime. He did not mention the intense criticism the book has taken. [see here, here, or just Google "levitt abortion crime"].

Only about 300 protestors showed up this morning, when Henry Morgentaler was awarded his honourary doctorate. They were calm and well-received by the university. The university did an excellent job of working with the anti-abortionists. As Paul Davenport, university president said to me,
The university is about the free exchange of ideas; we welcome those who disagree with our decision to honour Henry, and we did everything we could to work with them.
They sure did, providing the protestors with parking, washroom facilities, transportation for the disabled, bottled water, etc.
There were (at least) four levels of security for the event: campus security, city police, private rent-a-cops hired by the university, and Morgentaler's own security squad. There were uniformed and plain-clothes officers everywhere, including at least one in cap and gown in the academic procession! Man, the risk of crime imposes high costs on society.
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