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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Media Are Out in Full Force

This morning Henry Morgentaler is scheduled to receive an honourary degree from the University of Western Ontario. Protestors/prayers are expected to number in the thousands, which makes for great visuals on the news. In preparation, the media trucks from at least three networks were already on campus yesterday afternoon, and a separate room has been set aside as a media centre. I am carefully rehearsing the following sound-bite, should I be interviewed [note to print media: you may use this as if you actually spoke to me].

I dislike abortion, and I am firmly opposed to late-term abortion, but I think the anti-globalization policies promoted by people like Maude Barlow, who received an honourary doctorate here on Tuesday morning, have caused more death and misery throughout the world than all the abortionists in the history of the universe.
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