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Monday, June 13, 2005

First of 10 Graduation Ceremonies This Week

That's right. At The University of Western Ontario we hold ten graduation ceremonies this week [plus six more in the fall and a few others scattered at various times throughout the remainder of the year]. Parents love the cermonies, because each convocation is comparatively small, and the pomp and ceremony make each one very special to those involved.

I attend all the convocations as the ceremonial mace-bearer, aka Esquire Bedel [or see here for a picture from this morning's convocation]. I had thought of trying to live-blog them, but decided against it, figuring that not many people would care. 8-)

But the convo speaker this morning, Doris Anderson, was pretty good. I'm sure she's far to the left of me politically, but she got me on side by referring to her speech as a "...sort of dignified pep talk." She also told some gripping stories about sex and race discrimination 50 years ago.

She also told the students they were very privileged, relative to previous generations and they should do their best to make the world a better place. I wonder if she would accept using their skills to convince people that gubmnt intervention in markets is often inefficient.
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