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Sunday, June 12, 2005

I Do Not Cross-Dress

I do pretty well in teaching evaluations. But I don't cross-dress to get my point across.

Jeremy D. Kerr is a sociologist [sic] who uses cross-dressing to make points about gender and society.

But Kerr, an adjunct who teaches at the University of Kentucky and who used to teach at Georgetown College, has been told by his department chair at Kentucky to stop cross-dressing in class, and Kerr has sued Georgetown, charging that he lost an adjunct position because of his cross-dressing in area restaurants.

Kerr was not available for comment.

Before you wonder whether Kerr considered the expected incremental benefits, compared with the expected incremental costs, of cross-dressing in area restaurants, the answer is, "Of course he did." At least he behaved as if he made the comparison. Otherwise he wouldn't have done it. Thanks to JC for the pointer.
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