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Monday, June 13, 2005

Garlic Flavoured Ice Cream?

Last Saturday evening, Ms. Eclectic and I had the privilege of spending a wonderful two hours with Alan Adamson (co-blogger with me at Curling) and his charming wife. Even though we blog together, Alan and I had never met until then, and it was a splendid evening, dining at a restaurant in London, Ontario, called "Garlics".

The meal was great; we all enjoyed our entrees. For dessert, we shared some nice things, but we also took a chance and ordered one dish of garlic ice cream [recipe here] for the four of us to share. We each took one bite, but then we left the rest for our waiter.

The Adamsons then attended the opera, Tosca.
We went home and watched a ballgame on television.
Alan is in serious danger of losing his membership in the PLO.
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