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Monday, May 16, 2005

A New Degree: The G.S.W.
Graduate in Sex Work

As I have noted several times before, there is some interest in Canada's Liberal Party in legalizing prostitution (see here, here, here, and here) . If prostitution is legalized, is it possible the workers in the trade will be required to attend school and earn a degree? [thanks to Alex for this link; he recommends that you check out the t-shirts].
It's higher education of the horizontal variety. About 25 sex workers went to a college of sorts, sitting through lectures on effective marketing, stress reduction and condom-application skills.

... Presented in conjunction with the San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival, the class Wednesday at an erotic art gallery was billed as a way for working girls and guys to polish their skills in a supportive atmosphere.

... Participants who stuck it out for the whole day received diplomas certifying them as G.S.W — graduates in sex work.
It seems possible that prostitution in Canada could, over the years, follow the usual progression:
  1. legalize it
  2. license it
  3. regulate it
  4. tax it

And most of all,

5. make sure the gubmnt controls it.

And maybe next year this group will hold a weekend conference on the topic.

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