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Thursday, February 24, 2005

"Provider" Blacklist of Men

My impression is that this site refers to "providers" of services other than the internet services provided by ISPs. It seems to be a list of males in and around NYC who participate on the Craig's List but are undesireable for some reason.
I created this blog to inform my fellow female providers of the names and email addresses of grimy men that use Craigs List in NYC and the tri-state area. I will post men that bs, vice stings and any other kind of crap thats going around in this underground world.

To tell the truth, I wasn't going to post about that site until I saw that the Young Liberals are proposing that Canada legalize prostitution.

FEDERAL GRITS will be asked to support legalizing prostitution when they gather for their convention in Ottawa next week, Sun Media has learned. A resolution prepared by Young Liberals calls for the removal of the Criminal Code offence of communicating for the purposes of sex in return for money.


"The sex trade is a profession central to the subsistence of many Canadian citizens" and the fear of being charged drives hookers into "dangerous and harmful locations," the resolution reads.

I have a friend with a big old Victorian house near the Clinton Slots (a mini- casino with slot machines and a bit of OTB for horse races). Two weeks ago I mentioned to her, in jest, that their house would make a great brothel (note: the conversation began because she was playing a madam in a play I was directing). She thought the idea sounded pretty fascinating.

At least one Liberal Senator (a federal appointment for life in Canada) agrees with the Young Liberals.

"It's a great idea," said Grit Senator Mac Harb, who has long supported decriminalizing the world's oldest profession and giving municipalities the power to license and regulate brothels in designated red-light districts.

"I think you will solve a problem that isn't going to go away," Harb said.

In 2003 there were nearly 6,000 prostitution-related charges filed in Canada.

UPDATE: This morning (Friday), this same Senator published an editorial advocating the legalization of prostitution (thanks to Jack for drawing this to my attention). I wonder why the National Post made this editorial available for no charge, something they rarely do.
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