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Sunday, March 06, 2005

What an Idiot!

But, then, who said thieves were smart?

A newly signed Cardinals running back was arrested Friday at Sky Harbor International Airport after he allegedly stole another flier's laptop.

Larry Lee Ned, 26, joined the team Thursday when he was claimed off waivers from Minnesota....

Moments earlier, Ned had walked through a security checkpoint. After he went through the detector, he picked up a Dell laptop at the end of the scanner....

The laptop's owner was still going through the screening process. ...

On Friday evening, the Cardinals announced that Ned had been
released, and that they had re-signed running back Damien Anderson.

Keep in mind that he (Ned) had been place on waivers by Minnesota, and possibly his future as a professional football player was in doubt. I expect that if he felt more secure about his employment situation and his worth as a human being, this incident would never have happened.


Thanks for the link to Eric at Off-Wing Opinion, where you can always get up-to-date information about the NHL lock-out/buy-out/fade-out/whatever-out. Eric's advice is to keep an eye on your laptop when you go through airport security. Also see Phil Miller's post on this item at Market Power.
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