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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Are Tim Horton's Paper Coffee Cups Wasteful?

Some Canadian environment groups are upset that Tim Horton's chain of donut shops is once again holding its "Roll Up the Rim to Win" contest.

During the contest, customers who buy any hot drink get a chance to win prizes including SUVs, plasma TVs or free coffee or doughnuts if they roll up the lip of their disposable paper cups and find a winning

People buy more coffee during the contest and often carelessly toss out the non-winning cups, said Don Dick, Alberta director of Pitch In Canada, a national non-profit organization concerned about the proliferation of packaging and its effects on the landscape.

Lisa, at London Fog, challenges such views. Here's an excerpt:

If this piece weren't for real, it would be hilarious satire.
Unfortunately, these people take themselves seriously. ...
Adding sarcastically,

Just ban fast food and coffee and be done with it.
In addition to the economic interventionism that bothers me about the article, what also concerns me about campaigns urging Tim Horton's to end their paper-cup-lottery is that doing so would put the end to such classic art as this.
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