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Friday, March 04, 2005

Blogging about Wal-Mart

One of my (many) favourite blogs is Always Low Prices, [ALP] the title of which is taken from Wal-Mart's well-known slogan. Kevin Brancato, one of the primary ALP bloggers, and I have exchanged messages and links about economic policies applied and mis-applied in various situations involving Wal-Mart. Here, with his permission, is one of his latest messages, in which we were discussing Robert Reich's NYTimes editorial.

All I can say is, "Yay to wage and benefit controls! We need to slow change and keep Chinese peasants on the farms a little longer!"

For every 100 antagonistic visitors [to the "Always Low Prices" blog] --happy-hyper-union folk, anti-outsourcing bigots, environmentalists, suburban-sprawl haters, and anti-capitalists, there is one woman who just wants to know where she can find Enchantment perfume at a good price. Sometimes you really do need comic relief in a serious play. And yesterday I was told I committed a logical fallacy, but the interrogator refused to explain what actually was wrong with my post. I find being a truth-seeker in a society of biased partisans to be a source of endless pain and amusement.

Let's hope he continues to blog after leaving GMU.

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