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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Iowa State. Harvard of the Midwest

Back when I was in graduate school at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, there was an entire faculty of home economics. Andy Borowitz suggests in this humour piece, that Larry Summers is planning one at Harvard (thanks to Jack for the pointer).
“Starting in the fall, Harvard will offer home economics for women who find economics too tricky,” said Mr. Summers, who called the move “long overdue.”

Mr. Summers said that the new courses would help women at Harvard improve their grade point averages, adding, “When it comes to getting busy in the kitchen, women are second to none.”
The home ec major, which will consist of courses in cooking, sewing and what Summers called “the allied domestic arts and sciences,” is considered a major departure for the curriculum of the storied academic institution.

The programme at Iowa State is now called the "College of Family and Consumer Sciences". Here is the blurb about it from its web page:
One of the most remarkable strengths of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences is its diversity of thought, disciplines, people, roles and resources. Yet, contained within that diversity are programs and people dedicated to sustaining and improving the most basic aspects of life – food, shelter, clothing, safety, health, relationship – as well as optimizing the quality of that life.

It is the common denominator of these diversified efforts – the fact that all of the things we do transform lives – that defines our dynamic new theme of "Transforming lives". It is a concept that, while intellectual, emotional and qualitative, accurately articulates the impact the College has on students, faculty, staff and families and consumers all over the world.

Be careful, Andy (and Larry); Iowa State is gonna sue you for having stolen their programme.
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