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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Kofi Annan Should be Removed

Claudia Rosett argues that

By now, the debate outside the U.N. walls has expanded from calls for Mr. Annan to resign over Oil for Food to arguments that he really ought to resign over U.N. toleration of genocide, in which he has played a sustained part...

The scandals in the Oil for Food programme are being ignored and/or hushed up; U.N. peace-keepers have at times had less-than-honourable behaviour; and the U.N. bureaucrats have carefully insulated themselves from anything and anyone requiring accountability. If it is to survive as an institution, it must clean house, starting at the top.

As I posted earlier, it is difficult to see why the Canadian gubmnt hasn't spoken out.
[Thanks, again, to Ben for the pointer.]
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