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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

How to Attract a Mate

This advice is for males.

I recently listened to the podcast interview of Donald Cox by Russell Roberts. Near the end of the podcast, they agreed there are only three ways for men to show they have the financial wherewhithal to sire large, healthy clans:
  1. Laminate your income tax return and flash it around. Failing that,
  2. Buy an expensive car or
  3. Buy an expensive watch [reg. req'd, h/t to BenS for the link].
While the list is amusing ($1.5m for a watch!!??), I can think of several other possibilities.
  • Buy expensive gifts for prospective partners.
  • Make huge donations to specific charities (Bill G appears to have learned this well).
  • Wear expensively tailored clothes.
  • Alternatively, wear a military officer's uniform.
  • Order only the best wines.
  • Snub the PLO.
I'm sure there many more. Feel free to add to the list.

Since I would lose any of these competitions, I'm delighted to live in a monogamous culture.
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