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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Sound of Music:
Best Movie of All Time?

Many members of The Philistine Liberation Organization have argued persuasively that The Sound of Music was the best movie ever made. In fact, a discussion of this argument is scheduled for the next PLO Conference.

So you can imagine the delight of some PLO members as we learned that The Sound of Music was going to be televised this evening. Correspondents were Rondi Adamson, Alan Adamson (co-blogger at Curling), along with EclectEcon.

EclectEcon: The best movie ever made is on tv tonight on many different channels at 8pm.

Time to fire up the old microwave (to make some popcorn)!

Alan: A night for a major PLO party!

My TV Guide says 7pm. Would not want anyone missing what there is to be done with Maria!!

Rondi: It's on at 7! Yes, I've known about this all week and have been REALLY looking forward to it. Following the PLO theme, I thought I would have CheezWhiz and crackers, rather than something as classy as popcorn.

Alan: I have to confess, after my generally positive experience with King Kong, I am thinking of tuning in tonight.

Rondi: I'll be very happy to have converts of any kind, even if they're not whole-hearted! (Hey, you can blog about it!)

EclectEcon: This entire exchange is definitely blogable. Any objections?
confession time: I'll probably watch the NFL instead.

Alan: please blog - my guess I will be back and forth between the nfl and SoM

Rondi: None from me. You might want to mention I'll be partaking of some pretty classy Cotes du Rhone, as well. I'm not a *complete* rube! Mmm...cheez whiz and red wine...

(Al, you'll see, at the end, it doesn't indicate in any way, shape or form, that the von Trapps walked to Switzerland in 24 hours! That is, if you stay awake...)

Alan: I am sure I will be asleep at the point of their amazing trip from Salzburg to Switzerland. I am willing now to accept that the movie makes no commitments about how that magic heppened. Or how long it took.

EclectEcon: Well, I didn't mean I'd live-blog it! Rondi, you should do that.

But live-blogging is generally more successful if it is well-advertised, as in, "Hey folks, next Xday at 7pm I'll be live-blogging the Sound of Music."

Rondi: Nah, the Sound of Music is best enjoyed in a relaxed manner...

Alan: Man is it good!! Ollie [his cat?] and I are totally hooked now.

Rondi: It is awesome.
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