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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Another Reason to Dislike the Green Party

The U.S. Green Party has revealed a serious anti-Semitic stance:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States has endorsed a statement calling for a comprehensive strategy of boycott and divestment that would pressure the government of Israel to guarantee human rights for Palestinians.

... "Israel's treatment of Palestinians -- those who are Israeli citizens as well as those in the territories -- is comparable in many ways to South African apartheid, and has resulted in a cycle of violence and lack of security for both Israelis and Palestinians," said Mohammed Abed, a member of the Green Party of Wisconsin. "A stable and just resolution of the conflict requires the full realization of the human rights of Palestinians and Israelis."
Well Geez, Louise! I knew these folks were seriously misguided, but their press release makes no mention of all the attacks on Israel by Palestinians and their allies. It makes no mention of the Oslo agreements or of the intifada that prompted the building of the security fence.

What is with these folks? They sound like classic anti-establishment rebels, looking for a reason to boycott someone.

Hey, Greenies.... If you're looking for a cause, try boycotting those who support Muslim suicide bombings against Israelis.

[h/t to BenS and Judith Blinder for the pointer]
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