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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Speed Bumps and Slides

At The University of Western Ontario, students must take two years of courses before they can be admitted to UWO's honours programme in business at the Richard Ivey Skool of Biznezz, a programme which is very highly rated and into which admission is extremely competitive.

I was speaking with one of my colleagues the other day, and we were bemoaning the fact that many of our students regard economics courses as speed bumps on their way to bizskool. The students need solid or high A averages to get into bizskool, and the economics department at UWO has traditionally had some of the lowest averages on campus [perhaps a reflection of the testosterone poisoning suffered by economists?].

At the same time, a professor in chemistry was commiserating because undergraduate students view chemistry courses as speed bumps on their way to med skool.

In contrast, socionomology courses are slides on the way to an MSW.
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