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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Screenwriter, Robert Averch, Describes Life as a Hollywood Republican

Robert Avrech has won numerous awards for his screenwriting. Here is a brief excerpt from one of his stories about the trials and tribulations he has faced recently in his career:

I was recently hired to write a movie for a cable station about the war on terrorism. I was flown to New York where I had a long meeting with the head of the network about what he wanted. He described it thus: "I want a hard-hitting multi-character story about terrorism, with one storyline that emphasizes how someone can be reached through education."

... After handing in the first draft, I was told that the character of the Islamic suicide bomber was not acceptable. I was told that my portrayal was "insensitive." After the second draft I was ordered to remove the mosque where a dissident group was vying for control from the more moderate Muslims. And now, five drafts later, here's what the screenplay has turned into: The Islamic terrorists who properly dominated the original draft are now minor players.

... This film is no longer about terrorism. It's no longer about.anything. It's a mess. A jumble of conflicting story lines that can never cohere because the network executives, all proud Democrats, refuse to admit that Islamic terror exists. I was actually told in one meeting that "Jewish terrorists" in Israel are just as dangerous as Arab terrorists. I stared at the executives and felt my blood pressure rise. Jewish terrorists? What Jewish terrorists? What universe are these people living in? Are they just making this stuff up as they go along? Are they even aware that they are lying? Do they even care? Or do they truly believe the nonsense they spout? If they do, then I am truly frightened.
Robert J. Avrech's screenwriting credits include "A Stranger Among Us" and the Emmy-winning "The Devil's Arithmetic." His novel "The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden" has garnered rave reviews. He writes about Hollywood, politics and his family on his blog [h/t to BenS]
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