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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pretty in Pink;
locker rooms, offices, and lavender furniture

When I posted recently that my office is bright pink with lavender furniture, Kevin Brancato asked for photos. I don't have any.

But one of my colleagues [thanks, TS] recently sent me this story about ridiculous protests concerning the pink visitors' locker room at the University of Iowa.

The pink visitors' locker room at the University of Iowa's stadium is making some people see red.

The locker room for visiting football teams at Iowa is pretty in pink.

Several professors and students joined the call Tuesday for the athletic department to do away with the pink showers, carpeting and lockers, a decades-long Hawkeye football tradition.

Critics say the use of pink demeans women, perpetuates offensive stereotypes about women and homosexuality, and puts the university in the uncomfortable position of tacitly supporting those messages.

Fortunately, I'm comfortable with both my masculinity and my bright pink walls. But I hope those protestors don't come visiting!

[King Banaian also comments on this news item.]
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