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Friday, September 30, 2005

A Coffee-through-the-Nostrils Moment

From Kip Esquire:

Frederic Sautet has a theory:
I believe indeed that methodology and epistemology are the main reasons why Austrians are not invited and perhaps the reasons why they won't be invited for a long time....Kauder explained that economic laws are ontological and that to be an economist is also to be a metaphysician. Austrians are not alone in claiming that economic laws (as well the laws of mathematics, geometry, etc) are apodictically certain.

I have an alternative explanation: People ignore Austrian economists because they tend to use words like "ontological," "metaphysician" and "apodictically."

I use words like those.

Even some of those exact words.

But only when I'm writing up pretentious artist's statements for some of my art shows. E.g.:

His photographs and art work spring from his appreciation of rural life, relating human ontology with that which is beyond humanness, capturing the spirit and soul of both people and nature.

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