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Friday, October 28, 2005

Mystery Dinner Theatre

This weekend, I am performing in another Mystery Weekend at the Forest Golf and Country Club. The show begins after dinner this evening (Friday) and continues through the entire weekend until mid-morning on Sunday.

We actors must stay in character the entire time, which is both challenging and fun. The show is "Circus Murder", and I play Swami, a fortune-teller. As one might readily imagine, there will be considerable forecasting about oil prices and housing prices and anything else I can make up on the spot.

Last spring, when I was in one of these shows, I was able to use the hotel's internet service to keep blogging. I expect to be able to do so this weekend as well.
I have been traveling quite a bit lately. I have been able to keep up with posting to the blog, but just barely, and doing so has meant that I have not had the opportunity to reply to all the comments. Please accept my apologies. I appreciate the comments and next week my life might return to normal.
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