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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tailor Your Job Application to the Job and the Recruiter

From someone on Craigslist comes a very helpful item with tips on how to apply for a job [h/t Newmark's Door]. The creativity suggested in the item might be good for some potential employers, but not all. As the writer says,
If you're applying to an accounting job with a large corporation, where the HR manager lets dust collect on her bifocals, you may not want to heed all of my advice.
My advice: scope out the potential employer and make sure the opening paragraph in your letter addresses what you think they are looking for.

I, for one, get put off by breezy, colloquial applications. But, then, I wear grimy trifocals.

Reminder: Newmark's Door belongs on everyone's top five must-read list.
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