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Friday, August 26, 2005

New Motto for Ontario?

Earlier, I posted this at The Western Standard:
In light of Mark Steyn's disgust with the proposed motto change for New Hampshire ["You're Going to Love It Here" replaces "Live Free or Die"], Publius at The Gods of the Copybook suggests that perhaps Ontario needs a new motto.

Frankly, what kind of inspirational phrase or brief sentence could we use? Here are some ideas: "Giving the Maritimes the Shaft Since 1867." "Home of the United Empire Loyalists." "Now Bigger Than Pennsylvania." "Gateway to Detroit." "The Birthplace of Bob Rae." "The Birthplace of Margaret Atwood." "Ontario: Both Progressive and Conservative." "Toronto's Hinterland." "Yours To Be Smug About."

I have also suggested "The Great Northern Vacuum", but I suspect Western Standard readers would have many more appropriate suggestions.
But keep them short. They have to fit on a
license plate.
The suggestions there have been wonderful! Here are the ones posted within an hour or so after my original piece went up:

"Ontario: Yours to Despair".
"Ontario: Yours to be Disgusted".
"Ontario: Yours to be Left".
"Ontario: Live Left or Lack Canadian Values".
Post-national, post-modern Hampshire.
"The universe revolves around us 'cause we let it"
"Ontario...soon to be have nots"
"Ontario...where men are men and Liberals are nervous"
"Ontario: The Handguns are American; the Values are Canadian".

"Ontario: At least the Smog comes from American Coal-fired Electricity Plants, not Ontarian (though thank God we can buy the electricity from those American plants)".
Expand the size of the license plate.

"Ontario: Health Care Will Still Suck When You Can't". That one I like.
Ontario: Home of the Boondoggle & Damned Proud of It.
Ontario: It Ain't Texas

Update: be sure to check out the rest of the suggestions there. Also for some different suggestions, see here.
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