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Friday, August 05, 2005

Warning to All Profs:
Be Careful What You Write on Your Blogs

Thanks to JJ for this warning:

A journalism instructor at Boston University was fired for calling one of his students a “true Sabra,” or native-born Israeli, who is “incredibly hot.” Michael Gee, formerly a sportswriter at the Boston Herald, lasted barely a month after a post on his personal Web log described a student as “so incredibly hot” that “it was all I could do to remember the other five students,” Boston magazine reported. ... The student quit the course, telling Boston magazine, “You’re entitled to feel safe and comfortable knowing that your professor is a professional, not a pervert.”
As JJ says, "pervert"? Surely not all inappropriate behaviours are perversions.

Update: The original link seems to be dead. Here is a link to a more complete version of the story in Boston Magazine.
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